Thursday July 12

7:00 - Red Carpet
8:00 - Opening Ceremony
8:45 - Female/Male Hope Award
    Films in Competition:
    Well done by Bob Moukarzel
    Rideaux by Karla Tenkerian
    Braids by Mariah Ghafary
    Men Jaded by Sarah Tamim
    Diaries of Marla by Farah Moghraby
    Melki by Michelle Wehbe
    Above by Hady Abou Ghazaly
    Toi, moi et le ciel ci-dessus by Elyssa Khoury

Friday July 13

Theater 1:
Foreign Feature Documentary:
10:00 AM – Without this world. By Nora Fingscheidt
12:05 PM – Partners in Healing. By Mary Katzke
12:55 PM – Aquagranda In Crescendo. By Giovanni Pellegrini        
2:22 PM – Marikas Missio. By Michael Schmitt   
3:40 PM – You Racist, Sexist, Bigot. By   Pita Juarez, Matty Steinkamp
4:45 PM – Bread and Angels. By Rachid Biyi
5:40 PM – Like shooting sardines in a barrel By. Lieza Louw
6:45 PM – The Fez Documentary. By Roxane Shelby

Students Short Movies:
8:15 PM – LIU Student Films:
Curves by Mireille Zamak
Angela by Roula Attiyah
Carte Blanche by Zahraa Haidar
Chaos by Riham Fallah
Gate 69 by Nasser Sangari
ReCult by Nour Issa
لقطة حلم by Haidar Khalil
رسالة من مجهول by Hassan Al Ghoul
على آمل by Malak Koubaisy
30's Gift by Ayman Hashem
ع امل by Fayrouz Ayoub

9:50 PM – USEK Student Films:
Calling ID by Patrick Kazarian
Timeless Seeds by Sarah Assaf
Madanyye La wara by Marc Makhlouf
I am Am I who Am I by Rodrigue Saad
10:40 PM – NDU Student Films:
Crossing by Dania Sharabati

Theater 2:
Foreign Feature Fiction
10:00 AM – The Best of All Worlds By Adrian Goiginger
11:45 AM – One, Two, Guess who’s who By System
1:35 PM – Cleft Lip By Erik Knudsen
3:05 PM – Rainbow Fields By bidyut kotoky
4:35 PM – Ces Petits Riens By Farah Al Hashim

Student Short Films:
5:40 – AUST Student Films
10 rules of success. By Lynn Ammoun
A la mort. By Daniel Kordab
Nayrouz. By Zahraa Zneit
Reflection. By Sara Baalbaki

Local Short Documentary:
6:10 PM    Sahab Brothes By Manar Saad
                   His Son By Charbel Bou Antoun
                   A Piece of Land By Fady Saghbini
Local Short Fiction:
7:10 PM    With You By Anais Wakim
                   Bad Trip By Georges Hazim
                   My Uncle And I By Daniel Seif
                   Yellow By Georgio Nassif
                   Naseem By Micheal Asmar
                    The President’s Visit By Mounia Akl
                    Take My Hand By Serge Majdalani
                    I Exist By Stéphani-Maria Oufan
                    Lumiere By Roland Bou Diwan
                    Gemini 5 By Marita Sbeih
                    Masa By Layal Ghoussein
                    Fishing out of the Sea By Hala El Kouch
                    Youssef By Fadi Saghbini
                   Fourteen By Elias Freifer

Saturday July 14

Theater 1:
10:00 AM Yank Tug Yank. By Maureen Zent
                   AILAN. By Jubrail Abubaker Rahman
                   Ghost bear. By Paul McDermott
                    Junk Girl. By Ohammad Zare, Shalale Kheiri

Foreign Short Documentary:
10:30 AM   Enzo. By Serena Porcher-Carli
                    Moment. By Hadia Elgawish
                    Straight Outta Cairo. By Mohamed Higazy
                    LIKE DOLLS, I'LL RISE. By Nora PHILIPPE
                    Belle Ile En mer. By Phil Comeau
                    The Postman. By Vahid Keshavarz
                    Diamonds. By Miriam Gili

Diversity Special Award:
12:20 PM The Skeleton God. By Derek Rushing
                  Life in a Fistful of Rice. By Tashi Dorje Gyamba
                  A Bridge Between Two Worlds. By Pascal Gélinas
                  Numbness. By Milad jarmooz

Mediterranean Special Award:
2:23 PM - The March of Hope. By Jim Kroft, Bastian Fischer
3:53 PM - The Truth: Lost at Sea. By Rifat Audeh

Student Short Films:
4:55 PM – USJ Student Films
Cadence. By Krystel Chaker
Tafar. By Zaher Jureidini
Randa. By Farouk Jammal
Benet El Fawwal. By Raymond Aftimos
Black Diamond. By Celine Tabbal
Man is Hunter. By Leila Basma
The Falls. By Adib Chalhoub

Theater 2:   
Foreign Short Fiction:  
10:00 AM    In Orbit. By Rony Khoubieh
              Ainhoa. By Ivan Sainz-Pardo
                    Save. By Iván Sáinz-Pardo
                    Rosario. By Marlen Ríos-Farjat
                    Rendez-vous with God. By Kevin Van Doorslaer
                     Cavello. By Sven Bresser
                     Faith. By Tatiana Fedorovskaya
                     JOY. By Abini Gold
                     Like A Good Kid. By Arian Vazirdaftari
                     SOLO. By Yves De Prà
                     Walls. By Maik Schuster,Fatmir Dolci, Max Paschke
                      The Last Drop. By Sascha Zimmermann
                      IRGENDWER – SOMEONE. By Marco Gadge
                      MANEKI NEKO. By Manolis Mavris
                      Nicole's Cage. By Josef Brandl
                      Zara. By Sawat Ghaleb
                      Is That All There Is?. Eiman Mirghani
                      The Peculiar Abilities of Mr Mahler. By Paul Philipp
                      Familias. By Joffre Silva
                      A Ferry Tale. By Mehmet Tığlı
                      LIPPIE – SHEFFA. By Omneya Okasha
                      2nd Class. By jimmy Olsson
                     9 Steps. Marisa Crespo Abril, Moisés Romera
                     Maelstrøm. By Carlos Gómez-Trigo
                     Iku Manieva. By Isaac Ruiz Gastélum
                     UNDERPRESSURE. By Lilli Schwabe

American Block Movies:
4:00 PM - The Last Hour. By Joshua Daniels
                   The Truth of us. By Destinee Stewart
                   I Just wanna Ball. By Robert Bowden
                   Da cotton pickas. By Robert Bowden
                   Dying to Live. By Nadine Jackson
                     Invisible. By Dinetta Williams
                     Marauders Chapter I. By Malakai
                     Marauders Chapter II Fashion Film. By Malakai
                     Horizon Award. By Malakai
                     Snap The Tonal. By Malakai

Student Short Films:
6:05 PM – AKU Student Films
The Echo of The Crow. By Jad Tannous
The Maker. By Joe Azar
Sea - Canvas of life. By Angela Ghayyad

6:26 PM – ALBA Student Films
Hollow Peak. By Karl Hadifé
Teley al daou. By Rayane Abi Raad
Méandre. By Tamara Jadah


8:00 PM: Closing Ceremony & Awards